Jennifer Hudson | ❝Respect❞ Soundtrack | Album Stream ♫♫

Grammy Award winning singer Jennifer Hudson covers the late Aretha Franklin's hits on the new 'RESPECT' movie soundtrack. With the Chicago-bred singer being handpicked by Aretha herself to portray her in the film (out in theaters today), it was only right that Hudson fronted the official soundtrack for the film by covering Aretha’s most prominent hits. Check it out below!


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BoiNice said...

I always felt jennifer hudson music career kinda got the short end of the stick so to speak because she got A plus vocals but always got C minus material

Scoopz said...

I've always felt J Hud was a B list vocal talent. She has the power and range, but lacks the finesse and versatility of the top tier vocal talents. It really shows when she does covers. Poor dynamics, just loud and louder as the song progresses. Zero versatility in terms of employing different tones. Just her thick chest voice at varying volumes.

Toya said...

I agree. She lacks vocal technique.

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