Jesy Nelson for Guardian Weekend | Reportedly in talks to perform at VMAs...

Following several reveals in regards to her new Nicki Minaj-assisted single 'Boyz' this week, Jesy Nelson has a cover spread for Guardian Weekend magazine. The caption reads, “Sole sister: Jesy Nelson on why she had to leave Little Mix.” As if we need further rehashings on why she left. She's told us plenty of times. She felt fat and undesirable, her mental health was suffering, we get it. 

We can expect more magazine features in the coming weeks as her new song blasts its way onto airwaves. And according to reports, her new US label, Republic Records, is pushing for her to sing her debut single 'Boyz' with Nicki at the MTV VMAs. So apparently nothing has been solidified, but "talks" are taking place. Not sure how accurate this is given the source, but if she pulls this off, she has the biggest support machine ever for a UK act that wasn't particularly the standout in a top selling girl group.



Anonymous said...

You really don't Like her, don't you? Actually I always thought that she is the one with the most charisma in the group. She has always been very present with her face and aura. Then of course there is Perrie, who is the voice and a standout. But the other two were just there, at least in my opinion.

Toya said...

Something about her isn't quite clicking with me. I don't know.