Jesy Nelson teases solo single, ❝BOYZ;❞ samples Diddy & features Nicki Minaj...

Jesy Nelson teases her debut solo single, 'BOYZ' with a racy photo that may have been lifted from the song's video set. The single will reportedly feature Nicki Minaj. Actually, not reportedly. It is actually confirmed now. Jesy and Nicki interacted on each other’s latest Instagram posts in regards to the song.

A video clip showing Jesy and her dancers doing serious choreography has the song playing in the background. You can hear Nicki's verse and she says Jesy's name. Furthermore, the song samples Diddy's 'Bad Boy 4 Life.' She is now following Diddy on Instagram. According to WatersOnAir, the track will be promoted to US pop radio. Her song sounds like it's going to go hard. And just as I suspected, she is launching it during Little Mix's 10th anniversary week. Messy. 


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RL said...

I want to like her music, but something about her is off to me. You left because you were tired of being compared to the other ladies, but want to get your buzz going during their 10 year anniversary? I'm not with it.

Mymy said...

I agree. It seems strange and it seems like she lied to the girls. It’s 3 sides to every story tho. Anyway, she better come hard because she is not the strongest vocalist nor dancer. So yeah the songs need to be UPPPPP!!!

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