Lizzo announces new single ❝Rumors❞ + shares a preview...

It serves as no coincidence how Lizzo found herself responding to the foolish "rumor" that she stage dived at a concert and killed someone, only to name her new single ‘RUMORS.’ This was very much intentional. She has been making TikToks in regards to “addressing rumors” about herself as subtle promo for the single. This in deed was a well thought out, very cool marketing strategy if I say so myself! Maybe this will encourage more artists to think more out the box when it comes to their promo. Lizzo will release the song next Friday on August 13th and even posted a miniscule preview of the song on TikTok (below).


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Blaze said...

I am actually anticipating a new Lizzo song. Her last album was a great start for her.

Consciousness Community said...

Same! She’s so talented that a new era is something I’m definitely excited for.

The B List said...

It would be awesome if she did a remix sampling or even convering the 80s Jam ‘RUMOURS’, the groups Timex Social Club, addressing current issues. .

She betta give credit fir this idea lol 🤩🤩🤩

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