Lizzo’s new single ❝Rumors❞ is a Cardi B collaboration!

If anyone is getting their coins for the features it's definitely Cardi B. The 'WAP' rapper has now become that force other artists turn to when preparing their music returns. Following her feature on Normani’s 'Wild Side,' it has now been confirmed that Lizzo's new single 'Rumors,' will be a collaboration with her fellow Atlantic Records artist. If you recall, Cardi B wanted Lizzo to be featured on 'WAP,' but Lizzo was on vacation at the time.

People would have made fun of her. The memes would have been never-ending. She probably would have retreated back to Twitter hibernation again. The inability not to be apart of something so trashy was actually "Good as Hell," and a small blessing in disguise. The Cardi B assisted 'Rumors' will drop on Friday, August 13th. Excited?