Normani laments on not being VMAs booked; #LetNormaniPerform trends...

A few hours ago, #LetNormaniPerform and #BookNormani started trending on social media after it was revealed that the MTV VMAs had overlooked her for this year's show. After Normani's 'Wild Side' collaborator Cardi B took to social media to cape for a performance, Normani confirmed she had not been booked. 

Her former band mate Camila Cabello is among the confirmed performers for the ceremony on September 12th. Cabello also performed on Jimmy Fallon on July 23rd, THREE days after Normani was due to perform there. The debut performance got cancelled for no given reason. And now on August 26th (next week), Cabello is going on Jimmy Fallon AGAIN as a guest. Her management need firing as they are clearly not putting in the effort to ensure she has effective promotions. 

Normani has been retweeting a whole load of tweets requesting MTV to book her. The last time she performed was two years ago with her incredible performance of Platinum hit, ‘Motivation.’ I don't like that she has resorted to BEGGING for a performance when her team should have been ON IT. Now if she suddenly gets announced as a performer, it will be looked at as "charity." 

Secondly, a performance of 'Wild Side' is not going to help the song at this point. It doesn't hit hard enough and they should have released it closer to the VMAs date. Now the song has dropped to #60 on the Billboard Hot 100 after just 4 weeks. Normani says she's "drained" with the entire situation. So are we, Normani. So are we.   

When a fan said that the record label "RCA is so trash," she replied:


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Anonymous said...

So she acts as a victim, even though she gets so much attention considering the fact that her Songs most of times are not doing it.

RL said...

I would like to see her perform. Normani's song is doing no worse than Camilla song, and we all know Mani would put on a better show. I'm rooting for her.

Mymy said...

I want her to move on from Wild Side….bring on a new song, video and promote it (perform perform). Get your hustle on niece

Anonymous said...

Is it colorism or her Twitter fingers followers are not buying into the song like they say they do? People want her to win BUT it's something about the music that's not connecting all the way.

nil said...

It's the music.. it's just does not hit hard enough

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