Aaliyah’s ❝Aaliyah❞ album is now available to stream ♫♫

Aaliyah's self-titled 2001 album has just been made available to stream for the first time ever! It was her last album, which she released just a month before her untimely passing. This project saw the 22-year-old hitting a creative stride, so much that it is also considered her magnum opus as well. She was just beginning to experiment with music and artistry in such a really cool way. The album exemplifies the range of Aaliyah's creative and sonic vision and I would have loved to have seen what she'd have done next.

Stream 'Aaliyah' courtesy of Apple and Spotify below. 


Remmi said...

Definitely her best album. It almost hurts to know how amazing the follow-up would've been based on how great a body of work this was!

Toya said...

Yes! Absolutely.