Ariana Grande’s ex is seemingly missing his former boo thang...

Despite Ariana Grande being a married woman now, such circumstances hasn't stopped Big Sean from still admiring his ex from a distance. The pint sized rapper liked and then quickly unliked an Instagram post about Ariana (via Complex's account), but it was too late. The moment was already captured. 

Shortly after this occurred, fans had noticed Big Sean and his girlfriend Jhené Aiko had unfollowed each other. The last time the couple were seen together was in March. Tellingly, Jhené has also been liking cryptic posts on Instagram sparking break-up rumours. They broke up before which is probably why they're not announcing a split this time due to possible reconciliation. That way they can say, "we didn't confirm anything, we were just working things out!" Not sure why she holds out for him tho. She can do so much better.