Ashanti looks for the next big pop star in ❝Honey Girls❞ trailer | Watch now...

Build-A-Bear is assembling its very own girl group, and their newest movie 'Honey Girls' is based on the Build-A-Bear line of the same name. Starring Ashanti, Tessa Brooks, Aliyah Mastin, Ava Grace and Frankie McNellis, the film sees Ashanti's character Fancy G hosting a talent competition to discover the next big pop star. 

This looks like a corny Cheetah Girls hybrid and I'm not sure why Ashanti would attach herself to it. Maybe she did it because it's fun vibes and goes hand in hand with her bubbly personality? Either way, one thing this chick gon' do is stay paid regardless. 'Honey Girls' is available exclusively on DVD and digitally on October 19th, and a trailer has been released below.