Chlöe Bailey denies feuding with Tinashe as they publicly compliment each other...

Over the weekend, Chlöe Bailey posted a sexy bikini photoshoot of herself and many folks had pointed out that it looked eerily similar to Tinashe's 'Songs For You' album shoot. Tinashe seemingly agreed with those sentiments by liking a tweet about the similarities. The tweet said, "it's giving Tinashe's album cover for 'Songs For You.'" 

Many people took this as shade, and rumours of a feud started circulating after Chlöe posted some inspirational quotes. But Tinashe denies she was intentionally shading Chloe. And Chlöe denies they are feuding. The two ladies shared a cute interaction on Twitter just moments ago shutting down any speculation of a rift. When I saw the photos I didn't instantly think of Tinashe's photoshoot. There is only one photo that had a similar pose. There have been loads of bikini-clad models who have done similar shoots using that same pose. I just think people pit them against each other because they are both sexually confident young women in their 20s doing similar music. And of course, we all know how people love to instigate drama right?