The girls are fighting: Doja Cat reacts to Azealia Banks’ diss...

A Twitter user seemingly called out Azealia Banks for being wishy washy in regards to “fatshaming” Doja Cat in the past to then referring to her as a "bonafide star." Banks responded by claiming she's the actual bonafide star and that Doja "makes music for ten year olds," adding, she serves "pitiful, unamusing attempts at witty east coast Roman reloaded flows." 

She also took aim at Doja's recent 'Interview' spread, and Doja reacted to it (as seen below.) I consider my blog family friendly and didn't post the spread. But Banks also did a recent spread with the same mag and it was very crass! Let's just say Azealia's spread made Doja's look like mother Theresa and that's putting it mildly! Honestly, I've seen classier photos in Playboy. I don't know why any woman would want to take photos like that... unless her career is at rock bottom. But wait... Check out Doja "farting" all over Azealia's remarks in a now deleted post below.