Is Jesy Nelson still releasing ❝Boyz❞ this month after all the Nicki Minaj mess?

At this point, it's pretty safe to say the massive launch of Jesy Nelson's solo debut has turned into one large botched campaign following delays and the current Nicki Minaj controversies. Unconfirmed reports stated that Jesy was preparing to perform her Nicki Minaj-assisted debut single 'Boyz' at the MTV VMAs. Nicki contracted Covid and had to cancel the VMAs, and Jesy's plans to release the track with a bang suffered a major blow. Her last social media update, where she posted a new photoshoot was on August 28th. That was a whole 20 days ago. Now it seems Jesy has gone eerily quiet after all the premature teasers. Minaj has been shrouded in controversy with headlines involving her sex offender husband and spreading vaccine misinformation. 

As 'Boyz' would serve as the first song Nicki is featured on since the controversies, this would have been massive publicity. Clearly, the label are not seeing it that way, and are probably hoping the mess dies down or they're probably courting Megan Thee Stallion as we speak for the song's replacement. The hype is fading. People are losing interest.


Jrocka said...

Nicki is dumb a vaccine is not a cure it only lessons the systems of the said virus 🤦🏾‍♂️ And if she was educated enough her cousin sounded more like he has a STD 😕

Remmi said...

The interest was never there to be lost for me. Now we just need her remaining fellow counterparts and their bubblegum pop to disseminate into oblivion and it's happy days all around!