Jennifer Lopez | The Met Gala 2021 | Red Carpet Look

Not only was J.Lo's outfit good, it was conceptually the only one that made sense. This was my favourite look from the Met Gala and Jennifer Lopez was one of the very few people to execute the theme which was American fashion. She was harbouring that Crocodile Dundee fetish while seemingly paying ode to Clint Eastwood in a custom cowboy-couture Ralph Lauren dress. The dress made a statement and she accessorized it well. 

The mask kiss with Ben was super cringe, and for once they could have left the PDA at home.



Cloudi Hugo said...

Fashion can conceptual and nuanced too.

Some people who got it this year were:

Iman (Ball Room)
Rihanna (always on a theme by being her but also a nod to 90s Hip Hop symbols that Black folk are demonised for, a bit of Missy Elliot, let her accessory share the limelight)
Halle Bailey (Rodarte and Tina Turner)
Frank Ocean (Oddities of Americana)
Lil Nas X (Star Wars C3P0 & American Hypocrisy)
Kerbito (Guns, Bulletproof vests, Terrorism, and Jewels)
Lupita (Denim)
Maluma (Western-inspired Red Leather)
Rebecca Hall (Matron of the Mayflower)
Megan Fox (American Pin-Up)
Jeremy O. Harris (Aaliyah)
Billie Eilish (Marilyn Monroe)

Honourable Mentions:

Kimberly (America’s Cultural Anxiety & the Projection of Values Contradicting)

Ocasio-Cortez (Went for free by wearing a young designer, Stuck to her message, Shared the stage with Brother Veille's founder and designer Aurora James, Received the expected death threats)

Lewis Hamilton (A Seat At My Table, displaying new voices in American Fashion)

Cloudi Hugo said...

Any time!

Remmi said...

Ben was looking pretty suave, too. We love to see it!

Toya said...

He was looking bloated and horrible at the top of the year, because he has substance abuse issues. But ever since he got back with her, his glow-up has been on point. See how dating a bad bitch makes a man want to level up too? Lol.