Jennifer Lopez serves up striking performances for ‘Global Citizen Live’ in NYC...

J.Lo's discography is pure greatness to me! She has hits that stick! And she really did bring out ALL the rappers for the classics during a highly energetic performance at the 2021 Global Citizen Live Festival last night! The 52-year-old singer took fans back to the ’00s with some of her most-loved hits, and stunned audiences live from New York City's Central Park. 

She opened with an energetic performance of 'Cambia el Paso,' before being joined onstage by LL Cool J for 'All I Have,' which was a definite vocal struggle. Sure she can dance her ass off, but it's hard to enjoy a much loved song when she can't sing it live. Ja Rule assisted her for their throwback hits 'I'm Real' and 'Ain't It Funny,' which was the nostalgia we all needed. Also performed was fan-favourite 'Jenny from the Block' released exactly 19 years ago on September 26th, 2002. Rapper Jadakiss joined her onstage for the performance. But the night wasn't just about the throwbacks. 

Unreleased song 'On My Way' was performed from her upcoming movie 'Marry Me,' out in theaters on February 11th. Jen also performed 'I'm Glad' for the first time in 19 years. Clearly a direct message to Ben Affleck considering that she wrote the song about him when she released her album, 'This Is Me...Then.' 

That entire album was literally a love letter to the actor who was also backstage watching in. The fact that she waited almost two decades to perform the song really means that it was strictly for Ben, and she couldn't bring herself to perform it, UNTIL NOW! So she knew exactly what she was doing by performing it last night. The global concert took place across seven cities and six continents as a fundraising event for Global Citizen and Global Citizen's Recovery Plan for the World, a campaign to end COVID-19.


Anonymous said...

Maybe NORMANI Needs To Hire J-LO Team... They Both Are Dancers Who Likes To SING In There Spare Time.