Madonna hits up her ❝Madame X❞ concert film premiere in NYC...

Last night Madonna and her 27-year-old boyfriend Ahlmalik Williams hit up the red carpet at her 'Madame X' premiere in New York. The event was for her latest documentary concert film which arrives on Paramount+ on October 8th. Madge is one of those artists you grew up loving during your childhood. She's older than your mum. Much cooler too. A real rebel; always admired for it. Until now.

What she's currently done to herself in a desperate, vain attempt to hold on to youth in her 60s is pretty damn mortifying. Her outfit, clad with embellishments, is very early Madonna with the bustier and sheer black gloves and fingers cut out. That look was all the rage... when she was cool back then




Remmi said...

As much as I love me some Madge and am often the first to defend her honor, I really can't defend this. The outfit I'd questionable, and that's irrespective of her age. And when did her head get so big? She needs to dress to accentuate her older body and figure and this isn't it.