Nicki Minaj & swollen testicle-gate continues as backlash heightens #vaccine #WhiteHouse

Nicki Minaj, who previously tested positive for Covid, has been the main focus of a controversial sh*t storm ever since declaring her hesitancy to be vaccinated. That is, prior to her explained absences from the MTV VMAs and the Met Gala, both of which are vaccine-mandated. The media rage came into strong effect when she implied knowing someone in her home country of Trinidad who suffered from swollen testicles as a result of receiving the vaccine. 

A Trinidad and Tobago Health Minister had to call a press conference to "debunk" the theory. When referring to the Covid-19 vaccine, he goes from, "as far as we know there are no side effects" to "there are absolutely no side effects" to "none that we know of." Very contrasting statement. 

Here's the tweet that now has Nicki catching heat from every global politician, medical expert, scientist and the media.

On primetime cable this week, Tucker Carlson discussed Minaj’s theories of the vaccine causing swollen testicles live on air. And even UK prime minister Boris Johnson waded in on the discussion. Even if the swollen testicles narrative is false, adverse effects STILL EXIST within the vaccine. It would have made more sense had she chosen a proven adverse effect as her reasoning. For instance, the blood clots and delayed periods. Or simply saying she doesn't want the vaccine because she has her concerns and leaving it at that. Maybe then, so much people would not have come after her. But oh well... what's done is done and she said what she said. 

Minaj also revealed last night that she has been invited to the White House after voicing her reservations about getting the vaccine. However, a source tells CNN that Minaj was not invited to the White House to discuss her concerns over the vaccine. 

Instead, she was apparently only offered a phone call with one of their doctors about questions she has over the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. Now she has doubled down on her claims about the White House invite, calling Don Lemon an “Uncle Tomiana” and declaring her character being assassinated. She took to Instagram Live to reiterate that she WAS indeed invited to the White House to speak to Dr. Fauci and the Surgeon General, despite reports stating she wasn’t. “Do y’all think that I would go on the Internet and lie about being invited to the f***ing White House?” she says. I actually believe her. This is clearly an agenda to take her down a peg or two simply because they are furious about her tweets. And if public humiliation is the tactic they intend to pull, they are going all the way. I'm not even a fan of hers, but it's clear to see what is happening here. 


GSW said...

Honestly, why is she posting about it so much? What is her intention? Also, where did she get her medical degree from again?

RL said...

This all a freaking mess now. I can't believe society is so invested in what Nicki Minaj is saying all across the world. ��

Remmi said...

Haha. I see she's changed her Twitter bio to Rudest Little Madam 🇬🇧

Remmi said...

I wish she's stop with the race name-calling, there are more intellectual ways to read somebody without resorting to vile stereotypes of your own people.

Toya said...


Toya said...

The thing is no one would care as much if a z-lister had said it. But because she's mad famous with a huge following her stance gained traction rapidly. But yeah... she needs to keep a low profile... maybe quit social media for a bit and then this whole thing will be forgotten about by next week just like the Doja Cat controversy.

Cloudi Hugo said...


It seems you have some hesitations of your own. Fair play. Please quote the health minister throughly. He was speaking about this Nicki’s cousin’s friend’s particular claim.

Health Minister Deyalsingh said, “As far as we know, at this point in time, there has been no such reported; either side effect or adverse effect of testicular swelling in Trinidad or … anywhere. None that we know of anywhere else in the world.”

All of that is in the video you posted here.