Nicole Scherzinger fires back at Robin Antin following lawsuit complaint...

So long, PCD! In a statement from Nicole Scherzinger's lawyer, Howard King, the attorney says Robin Antin's claims that she's refusing to participate in the Pussycat Doll's reunion tour (unless she gets a bigger cut) are "ludicrous and false." He alleges such claims "are a desperate attempt to divert blame for her own failures by trying to impose obligations on Nicole that simply do not exist." 

King says Antin borrowed (and spent) $600,000 from Live Nation that she won't or can't repay. Meanwhile, Nicole "invested her own funds in excess of $150,000" in support of the PCD reunion. Oop! Consider Nicole and Robin's secret lesbian rendezvous officially ended. Those two will never be good again. Even if they manage to work things out, their relationship is now strained. Sadly, this spells bad news for any future reunion plans and no one is coming out of this looking good.