Preview: Rihanna performs to ❝What’s It Gonna Be?❞ by Janet Jackson & Busta Rhymes...

It's quite intriguing that Rihanna has no urge or desire to get on the mic or stage any time soon. But when she does take to a stage to perform, it is to promote her lingerie fashion show. Bread crumbs and alladat right? In her upcoming 'Savage x Fenty show Vol. 3,' she seductively dances to Janet Jackson and Busta Rhymes's 'What's It Gonna Be.' 

Rihanna also spoke on the credibility of her show saying that, “People get excited to be a part of the show and a lot of times they're calling us now. People value the stage. People even pull out from other shows to be a part of it." If she puts on those moves for her beau A$AP Rocky while rocking sexy lingerie, that man is certainly living the dream and then some. Maybe this routine reawakened her spirit into wanting to become a performer again. Maaaybe. 

Full performance airs tomorrow night on Amazon Prime Video. 


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Anonymous said...

She's proven that she can do it all and when the music does arrive it's going to be great and a benchmark moment in pop history. The world will wait because she's achieved that status. She could have very well been burned out like her peers 10 years ago...Katy Perry, Kesha and I hate to say it but, Nicki Minaj. The fact that she has taken a 5 year hiatus to craft her music and build an empire outside of that is genius. I'm interested to see how she will make a comeback visually and entertainment wise on the stage being that she can pull from experience of developing her fashion shows.

SuxMyCockiness said...

Yes Baby! 😄 She is looking so amazing lately and happier than ever 🥰 I am dying for this album! If she gives us a Rih-vember like old times that would be epic!!! 😝

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