Adele’s (beyond) ❝73 Questions with Vogue❞: Her Top 3 Beyoncé albums revealed...

November cover star Adele takes answering 73 questions up a notch as she 
serves up a surprise bonus round (which may have significant meaning for Adele fans.)
Adele actually answered 95 questions instead of 73 with Vogue. 
If you add all of her album titles together, they add up to 95 (19+21+25+30). 
She invited Vogue into her home for a round of 73 Questions, and names ‘I Am... Sasha Fierce’, ‘Lemonade’ and ‘B’Day’ as her top three favorite Beyoncé albums.  Adele certainly knows how to stan Beyoncé in an interview... has she even done an interview recently without name-dropping Queen B? Well, if you're going to stan someone, Beyoncé would be a good choice. My top three Beyoncé albums are 'B'Day,' '4' and 'Dangerously In Love' since we're on that subject. And yours? 


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Unknown said...

mine is B-Day and I Am Sasha Fierce

Scoopz said...

I am Sasha Fierce was mediocre and sell-out. it just came across as an attempt to pander to the mainstream after B'Day nearly flopped and was saved by Irreplaceable. It was a confused mess of generic ballads and bubblegum pop. Dangerously in love did the pop and ballads better.

My fave Beyonce albums are 1) B'Day (her most exciting era performance wise and vocally) 2) 4 (at her vocal best and consisting of material that came across as more authentic and true to what she actually liked) 3) Dangerously in Love (packed with classics)

Toya said...

I agree about 'I Am Sasha Fierce.' 100% I will even go as far as to say it is her worst album.

Scoopz said...

Agreed 100%. Easily her worst. I havent played that album in over 10 yrs whereas the others all get their playtime when im feeling some Beyonce 😄

Toya said...


Remmi said...

1) Beyoncé
2) Dangerously In Love
3) 4

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