Britney Spears jokes about being ❝that girl❞ in ex Justin Timberlake’s ❝Cry Me a River❞ video...

This week, Britney Spears posted a video to Instagram in which she can 
be seen posing in various clothing selections. 
Britney is seen wearing a gray newsboy hat, and jokes that the cap made her look like "that girl" 
in her ex-boyfriend's music video for Cry Me a River. 

But then she is like... but wait... that girl IS me. Shade much? The Justin Timberlake video starred a Britney lookalike, and the post was written in a mockery tone, almost as if to say, "boohoo." You can tell this is really Britney writing the posts this time. Britney the comedian has been throwing a lot of shade lately, and it is sending me. Sometimes you forget that outside of being a superstar performer she is actually really funny. Like that time she mocked her father during 'For The Record' documentary and shaded a fan on stage for having dookey breath. Timberlake has stated his split from the singer had inspired the video.



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Remmi said...

Strange. And not funny imo. But whatever makes her happy.

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