Britney Spears’ says new project is inspired by Beyoncé...

Britney Spears once again teases her elusive ❝Project Rose❞, this time crediting 
Beyoncé as an inspiration. 
Despite providing very little context, Britney has been teasing something 
called ❝Project Rose❞ for several months now. 

She shares a photo of Beyoncé in a floral blouse and even dances to the '50 Shades' remix of Beyoncé's 'Crazy In Love.' Project Rose remains quite the mystery, but Britney has been referencing it from last year captioning her photos with red rose emojis. A while back she referred to it as a “personal photo project,” while explaining why she had been sharing multiple photos in the same outfit. Even if this project has nothing to do with music or a tour, at least she has found something to keep her focused and happy. Sometimes, taking small steps forward is all about exploring the little passions in life that mean something to you. 



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Anonymous said...

I remembered Beyonce said her, Britney & Kelly went out as a trio one night in Hawaii, when they opened up for her...

Toya said...


Remmi said...

and even dances to the '50 Shades' remix of Beyoncé's 'Crazy In Love.'

Um, okay - if spinning on the spot over and over is now classed as dancing. Fitting choice of song 😆

Toya said...

The interpretive Britney dance... whatever that means 😆

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