Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2021 Edition: Lizzo, Ariana, Doja Cat, JoJo, Janelle & Chlöe...

Lizzo stepped out as Baby Yoda for Halloween, and looked quite the fright...
It is probably the one time Lizzo may be thrilled to receive 
trolling comments about her physical appearance.

Janelle Monáe poses as the Grinch.
The Grinch is suppose to be some malicious ugly creature, but why 
does this one have the face that commands cuddles?
Ariana Grande becomes the “Creature From The Black Lagoon.”
In an ideal world, we'd all dress like this if it meant we could frighten away pesky knife 
wielding stalkers. But hers is a psychopath and he'd probably just get turned on by it anyway.

Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix is Marge Simpson.
Jesy Nelson is somewhere fuming about Jade exposing her as a liar in Stella magazine, 
and may just come out and accuse her of yellow-fishing in act of revenge.

Jade's boyfriend Jordan Stephens also showed up to Maya Jama's Halloween 
party in London as Sideshow Bob.
Even in drag, they're a cute couple.

 JoJo recreates the late great Teena Marie’s 'Irons In The Fire' album cover.
Take away the background and this could easily have been a 90s era Mariah tribute, because 
I'm certainly not seeing Teena. And that's a no to the biopic too.  

Doja Cat becomes Ms. Sara Bellum from the Power Puff Girls for Halloween.
Love the look, and she's putting a face to a faceless character, 
but overall this was quite creative.

Chlöe Bailey cosplays as Betty Boop.
Chlöe clearly sees herself in Betty, because Betty is a widely known sexually suggestive 
cartoon character. As we all know, Chlöe thrives on being a sexually confident woman.