After this week’s antics, has Lizzo taken ❝body positivity❞ too far?

Somebody pour me a drink real quick. Over the weekend, Lizzo went on Instagram Live and showed 
her bare buttocks to all the internet trolls that criticised her recently. 
In the disturbing video, Lizzo pulls down her tracksuit, shakes her bum, slaps it 
and tells haters to kiss her black ass. 
The video will not be posted here but a select choice of words in the Twitter search will unveil the uncensored NSFW clip. A few days before that she showed up to Cardi B's birthday bash, styled by Jason Rembert for the occasion, wearing a very unflattering purple mesh maxi dress by Matthew Reisman. The gaffe is that Lizzo was wearing nipple pasties to protect her modesty. 
But was there really any point when everything else was on display? 
Body positivity should definitely be embraced but at what cost? Your dignity? Your self respect? The issue here is that in the name of body positivity Lizzo does these crass antics to an audience, cries about it afterwards when she gets criticised, and then does it all over again.