Kimberly Wyatt discusses whether The Pussycat Dolls tour will go ahead...

Kimberly Wyatt has said that The Pussycat Dolls long-awaited reunion tour may 
go ahead next September despite months of delays.
The tour was put in disarray by the pandemic and reports that Nicole Scherzinger was 
being sued by the band's founder Robin Antin for ❝ refusing to participate.

Speaking to press, Kimberly, 39, said that nobody has told her the tour has been cancelled and she's holding onto hope that it’s September 2022 until she's told otherwise. Keyword being ❝hope❞ because this chick is in the dark just as much as their fans. Not putting out any sort of confirmation after two years is disrespectful to their supporters. I'm sure if they could go on tour alone they would, but without Nicole, they are just... The Dolls.


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Anonymous said...

Nicole really thought she was that girl when she decided to go solo, however in reality she wasn't.....

Toya said...

She is probably the biggest flop as a lead singer that I've ever seen.

Mymy said...

No one ever really liked her. The songs they sung didn’t require great vocals anyway. They should’ve let the girls at least have solo parts on some of the songs! I mean dang!

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