Doja Cat vents about being overworked: ❝I’m not happy.❞ ***UPDATE***

Everyone needs to breathe. There is no award 
for most overworked or stressed in your job.
(Originally published on October 7th, 2021.) In tweets that have now been deleted, Doja Cat went on a Twitter rant about being overworked and how the demanding stresses of living a superstar lifestyle is beginning to take its toll. She has practically performed at every award show this year, including 5-6 different festivals in the last month alone. The excessive obligations of being popular, booked and busy serves as a blessing and a curse. It makes having a normal 9-5 so much more appealing (as boring as it may be) where you can just go home to your family and chill at the weekends. People are probably going to see her rant as unprofessional and may even hinder potential deals if companies feel she is being ungrateful. After all, Beyoncé only started mentioning being overworked when she was over 10 years into her career, whereas Doja is only just starting out. 

Bey has now reached that stage in her career where she can retire at 40 and not have to work so hard or AT ALL. Her net worth is at half a billion now, and maybe Doja can reap those same benefits in the next 15 years too. Hopefully, she can take a break, and can work to a schedule that doesn't compromise her health. 

ps. Alex is her cat by the way.


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Anonymous said...

I also feels like Rihanna was overworked between 2007-2013...She was everywhere.