Little Mix have all unfollowed former band mate Jesy Nelson on Instagram...

Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade have all done a Mariah: ❝We don't know her!
Fans have noticed that Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade have 
all unfollowed former member, Jesy Nelson, on Instagram.

The unfollowing comes after she released the music video for her debut solo single 'Boyz' featuring Nicki Minaj. Jesy also doesn’t follow the girls on Instagram either and in an interview published this week, she revealed they are no longer close and have not spoken since her departure. Over the last few weeks Jesy has said a lot of passive aggressive remarks about Little Mix, their team and their music. And it appears the final straw came when Jesy mentioned Little Mix in her new music video. She wants to distance herself from the band she claims contributed to her misery and suffering, yet, proceeds in name-dropping them in her first music video. Seems she wants to use the branding of the group's name to benefit her solo career when it suits her and Little Mix have clocked it.


RL said...

At one point "she loved them so much" as she stated when they won their Brit for Shout Out. But I don't blame them. She has been making it seem as if LM caused her nothing but despair.

As a fan, it's kind of sad to watch them drift apart like this. I still want LM to come back with a "Survivor" style record for the culture.

nil said...

Oh mannn now i dont know what to think of herđŸ€ŁđŸ€Łi always felt sorry for her cause of the whole weight thing bullying and in my opinion there was nothing wrong with her in het x factor days..

I dont know what i feel yet with her remarks on the black fishing. I mean no one needs her to look “black” for her music to succeed.

I mean look at justins latest special on amazon. I loved how he was dressed like a skater but doing his “r&b” songs. Just be yourself jess đŸ€Ł