Mariah Carey | 30 years of ❝Emotions.❞ What a classic!

Can you believe it's been exactly 30 years since our queen Mariah Carey 
released her single, Emotions?!
Many of us would give up a lung to be a fully conscious being in Mariah’s Emotions❞ era
 and hear her very first live performance of the vocally-abundant song. 

On October 12th 1991, Mariah went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart with the song. The cut was preceded by Carey’s self-titled, debut album. All FOUR of its singles went to #1 on the US charts, and matching an all-time record set by the Jackson 5. If you need to be reminded as to why MC is the goat, check out her flawless MTV Unplugged performance of the song below.


nil said...

I don't completely remember when I became a fan, but the hero single was my first single ever i ve gotten.

To me then it seemed as if all her singles came out at once, also Emotions.I was like 9 or 10 yrs old. This was something else man.. There will never be a voice like that.

And after all these years I still feel she does not get enough credit. Nowadays the general public is always like, oh christmas is coming, Mariah will get out of her cave again.
They never really talk about how amazing she is. how she set the blueprint for so many others.

nil said...

Toya did you ever finish the book? :-p hahahaha

Toya said...

I started reading the first part of it, but ALL the important, controversial parts were serialised on all the blogs and news sites (her romances, marriages, upbringing, siblings, J.Lo) that I felt as if it would be like reading empty air if I continued. One day I will read it all lol.

nil said...

hahaha Noo there's a lot more interesting things in there hahah . i;'ll just keep reminding you every six months hahah dont worry I got you ;-)

Toya said...

Please do x

Sven said...

I was just a few months old when this was released so I definitely don't remember this haha. But it's one of my favourite songs by her!

HBF82 said...

One of my two favorite albums of all times of her or any artists. The whole era was just perfect: funky, jazzy, soulful, carefree and vocally non matching. Contains my favorite ballad and live vocal performance on TV ( Can't let go). Memories, childhood... those were the times.