Mary J. Blige says she didn’t find out about mammograms until she was 40...

Welp! Sounds like Mary lives in a Bin-Laden cave and doesn't own a television...
According to the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, she didn’t get the message about 
the importance of mammograms until she was at the age it was time to start getting them. 

Wow... what can I say?! This is actually so much worse than crispy chicken-gate. Mary says the issue was never discussed at home, despite different cancers being prevalent in her family tree. Wait... she doesn't watch the news, see the constant advertisements/PSAs or arm herself with research after each family diagnosis? What about pap smears? Does she not have them? It's very bizarre for a 40+ woman not to have this type of awareness. Better late than never, right? 

Courtesy of Essence.