Normani says album is coming at the top of next year; A tour is being planned...

Normani reveals in a new radio interview that she has enough music to make two or three albums. 
She says her debut solo album will be released at the top of next year. I plan on going on tour. 
I’m dropping other records. That doesn’t mean like y’all are gonna be in a drought again❞  she says.
That is actually translation for, "Sorry guys, you're about to starve some more. Rumble away!" Top of the year? More like 2025. If her album isn't out by January, February or even March, the devil is a liar. Normani has been singing the same tune since 2019. These little announcements should not be made if she cannot see them through. She has no direct control over her album rollouts, no control over her actual releases and certainly no control over her entire career! 


Anonymous said...

She Has No Budget, Why Isn't She Doing BIG Interviews Like Chloe?