Normani: ❝Single two is coming incredibly soon.❞

 In ❝Normani dialect❞ the word ❝soon means nada.
❝Single two is coming incredibly soon. Single two still makes sense with ‘Wild Side’ sonically, 
but the energy is going to be very different,❞ she tells host Jazzi Black.

During an interview with 97.9 The Beat, Normani reveals that the follow-up to her Cardi-B assisted single ‘Wild Side’ is coming “incredibly soon.” Whilst 'Wild Side' may have put her back on the map musically, it was not the monster smash her label were hoping for. Perhaps they can get it right with this new single by serving up something more upbeat and catchy. Only time will tell whether it will yield the results to ensure she can finally put out her long-awaited debut solo album once and for all. 


Remmi said...

Wild Side was decent for an album track, but not for a single. And it sounded too close to Aaliyah's One In a Million for my liking. Let's hope they get it right with the follow-up or I fear her chances will be very few afterwards.

Anonymous said...

The question I wanna know, Will she promote the single??? Have they booked her for the AMA.

Toya said...

Probably not.