Throwback beef: When Ciara fell out with Monica...

Monica reportedly shared a friendship with a woman believed 
to be responsible for the breakdown of Ciara's relationship with Future. 
Ciara, a new mom at the time, certainly wasn’t happy about it and distanced herself from Monica. 

When addressing their feud, Monica told Streetz 94.5’s The Jazzy Mcbee Show: "She and I did have a disagreement. We both had issues with each other. When you have been friends for a long time, almost two decades, and you let things fester and you don’t talk about them, it can cause a breakdown that other people may not understand."

 In September 2014, Ciara wrote a shady tweet, which many believed was 
aimed at her former BFF:
The pair have put their differences behind them and hung out at the Super Bowl 
two years ago in 2019. 
Back in the day they were always photographed out and about in Atlanta, even deeming each other "sisters." They don't appear to be as close as they use to, despite making up. Sometimes friendships fizzle out. People build new chapters in their lives. Ci has certainly done that with her new husband, three children and multiple business endeavours. I wouldn't even be surprised if she invested in a makeup line and stopped doing music altogether. 


Min said...

Yeah they used to be really close, in fact Monica was in some of Ciara's videos like Goodies for example!

Good to know they made up though, I had no idea that happened lol. Monica used to be pretty close with Keyshia as well but I barely see them together nowadays.