Adele confirms ❝I Drink Wine❞ as the next single in her cover issue of ❝RollingStone.❞

Adele who is serving flawlessness on the latest cover of RollingStone, confirms 
to the mag that ❝I Drink Wine❞ is the next single from her upcoming album, ❝30.❞ 
Based off its name alone, the song already went viral on Twitter, so just imagine the attraction it will receive once it gets heard in six days time. The track is reportedly about shedding one’s ego, and has a flair of 70s Elton John and Bernie Taupin, according to the publication. In the issue she shuts down rumors that she’s embarking on a Las Vegas residency in 2022. ❝I don’t want anyone coming to my show scared. And I don’t want to get Covid either,❞ she says, ❝because there’s f*cking nothing available.❞ If she felt that way, perhaps she shouldn't have booked those two 2022 concerts in London's Hyde Park. With a staggering capacity of 65K (130K for the two days combined) her shows can easily be classified as a super-spreader event.