Adele really got Spotify to remove the shuffle button when listening to albums...

Adele said get rid of the shuffle button and 
Spotify didn’t even flinch!
Following the release of Adele's new album ❝30❞, at her request, Spotify have removed the shuffle button as the default option when playing albums. Anyone that wants to shuffle albums can still do so by clicking on the shuffle on the left side of the track play button.  


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Remmi said...

It was an annoying and pointless feature, good on her. I don't really use Spotify any more any way apart from to check out "New Music Friday" - I prefer Tidal's sound quality.

Anonymous said...

I think haven't it as a default was what was unnecessary - like myself most people probably didn't even realise at times (unless already familiar with a particular album) that what they thought was playing in the correct order was playing in shuffle, ruining the listening experience like Adele stated in her argument for having the feature removed. If people want to listen to an album in shuffle, they can easily figure how to do so without the decision being made for them.

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