Adele’s ❝30❞ shares historic streaming feats with Ariana Grande & Summer Walker.

Adele dominates US Spotify with all tracks from ❝30❞ debuting inside 
the top 15, and occupies the entire top 12 in the UK...
The project joins Ariana Grande’s ❝thank u, next❞ and Summer Walker's Still Over It as the only female albums in US Apple Music history to occupy the entire Top 10 with their tracks. The shared feat doesn't bode well with Adele fans who emphasises that Ariana is purely a streaming artist who doesn't do high numbers in pure sales like Adele (thanks to a remarkably older fanbase.) As a matter of fact they're gloating that Adele will outsell all of Ariana's albums combined. These stan wars are seriously out of control. But I'm not going to lie... I am looking forward to seeing the contrast in her streams and pure sales numbers once projections and official stats are released.