Alicia Keys does random dares sent in from fans...

Alicia Keys has taken on a new promo strategy, prior to 
the forthcoming release of her new album Keys.
The singer took to Twitter and asked fans to send her a dare to do.

Some of the dares included calling a fan's number, eating a hot chilli pepper, playing the piano with her NOSE, and consuming a chocolate doughnut with a runny fried egg. The singer says she had so much fun doing the dares and is considering making it a series. These dares simply weren't creative enough. The hot chilli pepper one has been done to death and revealing the contents of your fridge is NOT a dare at all!!!!  

If she wanted a massive viral moment (great promo for her album which drops December 10th) she should do something a little more crazy but hilarious like... dressing up as Halle Berry's version of ❝Catwoman❞ while dancing to Lil Mama's ❝Lip Gloss.❞  


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Marq said...

I would have dared her to leak the ‘Put It In A Love Song’ music video.

Toya said...

Good one!

nil said...

Good one Marq hahha

Consciousness Community said...

It was cute but Marq is right! That video is under stricter security than CIA secrets.

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