An expressionless Summer Walker performs ❝Unloyal❞ live on ❝The Tonight Show.❞

Girl, cheer up. Your album is a massive success... 
Summer Walker delivered an expressionless performance of ❝Unloyal❞ live on 
❝The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon❞ last night.
Despite projections for large first week sales of her new album ❝Still Over It❞ and a forthcoming #1 debut on the Billboard 200, Walker looked like she was over her performance already. Looking bothered and a little pressed, anyone would think someone urinated in her cornflakes. Summer was literally just there to sing and take her deadpan ass home. She could certainly work on her stage presence so we get to see more of her personality. The saxophonist was fire though and her vocals... at least sounded like the studio recording.


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Anonymous said...

Come through VOCALS!!??

Scoopz said...

Vocals where? Whats wrong with this new generation? Too easily impressed. Shes got a pleasant tone and thats all folks. This performance amounted to melodic recitation, it wasnt until the 2 min 57 sec part that she she did some actual singing and even then it was just nice. Nothing to write home about. Where are the standards? The bar has collapsed. 😩😂

Lenny said...

I didn't know she could actually hold a note.

Remmi said...

She suffers with performance anxiety and it shows, both in how she looked and sounded. The band saved the performance. I'm not a fan of her or her songs though, don't really get the hype about her but kudos to her allthesame.

Remmy said...

I think it was juxtapositional, ie they were citing the lack thereof hence the question marks.

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