Britney on this week’s court hearing: ❝I haven’t prayed for something more in my life.❞

Britney Spears says she hasn’t ❝prayed for something more in her life❞ ahead of her 
court hearing this week, where the conservatorship is expected to be terminated.
Friday (November 12th) is shaping up to be one amazing day 
if things go according to plan. 
The termination of her conservatorship just needs approval. However, once approved Britney should still be given the option to delay termination if it means the investigation still needs to be completed. At least that is how it should work anyway. Her father filed docs to end the conservatorship asap because he is trying to save his own skin and doesn't want to go to jail. Funny that... as a few months ago he was literally fighting her to remain conservator (so that he could steal more of her millions). Now he desperately wants it gone just because he is being investigated.