Azealia Banks celebrates Britney’s freedom but the fandom doesn’t want it...

Azealia Banks takes to Instagram to celebrate the end of Britney’s 
conservatorship, and says she's currently crying at the dinner table.
A previous message she wrote in 2020 is also going viral. But no matter how articulate, impactful and beautifully written her message is, Britney fans will never want it. WHO is EXECUTING the message is the real problem here. Her words are very supportive but Britney supporters are struggling to overlook the fact that generally Banks is not a very nice person. She has often called people homophobic slurs and purposely mis-genders trans women. Both categories make up a large portion of Britney's fanbase. Another thing I wanted to mention is that Azealia often questions why she hasn't had room to grow like Britney, Rihanna and Beyoncé. The truth? She sabotages her own bag simply for being the way she is.