Beyoncé fans go into panic mode as ❝Be Alive❞ underperforms...

It's only been less than a week since Beyoncé's new song, ❝Be Alive❞ debuted online, 
but with paltry streaming numbers it is not getting the reaction fans had hoped for. 
The song, which soundtracks the upcoming movie ❝King Richard❞ starring Will Smith, debuted with just 657,652 streams on its first full day on Spotify. It is failing on iTunes and Apple Music to even crack top 20 in many of the globes biggest markets. The lyric video debuted with just 476,548 views in its first 24 hours on YouTube.  
The Hive have criticised several fan pages for posting the numbers because they are embarrassed. Some of them are even begging Ed Sheeran fans to stream the song since their ❝Perfect Duet❞ (an old song) is currently attracting larger streaming numbers. This does not signify the end of Beyoncé's career and fans should not be upset at the song not getting millions of streams and views. Generally, soundtrack songs are not known to do well and Beyoncé is only releasing it because she is attempting to bait the Oscars. Not that it's a bait-worthy song to begin with.



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RL said...

I had no expectation the song would do numbers. It's a decent song, but too pro-black for the masses, so I'm not surprised by the low numbers. I thought it would be more upbeat.

Scoopz said...

More upbeat? I thought as a song geared towards winning an Oscar it'd be more epic and classic sounding. It grew and me so i dont mind it now, but its far from a classic. Great vocals though. But thats a given.

Rosh said...

Im really suprised at how much it has gfown on me, i love it now.

Unknown said...

Beyonce hasn't charted amazingly well in years, especially considering her star power and talent. She a super star that sells out arenas and stadiums. Also people love to call Ciara a flop but Level Up has about 60million more streams than Ape sh!d... a collaboration between two heavy hitters Bey and Jay. Crazy

Anonymous said...

I guess these are her young stans that jumped on the wave after Single Ladies/I Am Sasha Fierce era, because most of her hits came in the Napster/Kazaa/Bearshare/Limewire era. A time when it wasn't guaranteed that artists would profit from their music & were more focused on "building their brand!"

Now in 2020-21, she's promoted Ivy Park & Peleton more than music.....but we're still in a pandemic. She can't tour or perform any music really. So what's the point in Beyoncè dropping an album or all-out promoting a song right now? Especially during this Travis Scott/Astroworld debacle.

Jrocka said...

It’s just a soundtrack song what did they expect 💀💀plus as someone else said it’s too pro black for the gp anyways

Toya said...

She has been consistently releasing pro-black music for the past five years now. It's highly likely she will put out something more radio friendly with mass appeal. 'Lemonade' was a conceptual album about Jay Z's infidelity so it will be interesting to see what narrative she uses to plug the next project.


I miss Kazaa so much. Anything album, any track... it was on there without fail. It's sooooo much harder to find vintage R&B albums now because the internet has completely been scrubbed.

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