Britney Spears fans think she announced joining The Weeknd’s new HBO show, ❝The Idol.❞

Britney Spears teases on Instagram that she's 
starring in a movie titled ❝The Idol.❞ 
The Weeknd's new HBO show is also titled The Idol. The pop icon said she'll ❝rub it in her parents face.❞ HBO green lit a series called The Idol starring Troye Sivan but Britney said a MOVIE (not series) and fans still feel it is the same project. Britney does not feature in the listing for the HBO series. Shooting of the series has already started. Coincidentally, the series reportedly follows a female pop singer who starts a romance with an enigmatic LA club owner who is the leader of a secret cult. The jab at her family serves as one of many in the previous weeks leading to her conservatorship finally being terminated.