Janet Jackson congrats Missy at her ❝Hollywood Walk of Fame❞ ceremony + appears on ❝DWTS.❞

Janet Jackson sent a video message to congratulate Missy Elliott 
on receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. 
On the same night, Dancing With the Stars had a Janet Jackson tribute theme night, 
and as reported, she DID appear via video link to offer her gratitude!
Janet tributes will never get old. And who doesn't love her friendship with Missy? It's so beautiful. As icons, they truly love and respect each other, and are always uplifting one another. We simply don't deserve them! Missy will always be one of the most creative female artists to dominate Hip Hop. Her videos are in a class by themselves, and her star was very well deserved. Congratulations!
Janet looked stunning during her video appearance on last night's DWTS: