Jennifer Lopez unveils artwork for ❝On My Way❞ & she’s ready to serve vocals!

Jennifer Lopez’s new single ❝On My Way❞ from her upcoming movie ❝Marry Me❞ is coming out soon... because J.Lo’s new singles and new movies are always something to get excited about. 
Chick is looking like she about to serve some Mariah-esque Butterfly era vocals on the newly unveiled artwork. Eyes shut as she mentally prepares herself to tear up some vocal chords in the booth. As if! Remember ya'll... this is the same woman that pretty much said she can sing just like Beyoncé. The narcissism. 
Song drops November 18th.


Jrocka said...

Lol she’s grown vocally it seems when Marc Anthony started giving her lessons. sis started to sing and holding flat notes like her life depended on it 😂