Jesy Nelson denies dating Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s ex, Lucien Laviscount...

Little Mix fans have blasted Jesy Nelson for ❝breaking girl code❞ 
when she tried to kiss Leigh-Anne Pinnock's ex Lucien Laviscount.
Unearthed photos show Leigh-Anne Pinnock and actor 
Lucien enjoying a cosy meal together back in 2012. 

Jesy meanwhile is reportedly ❝mortified❞ after being pictured being drunk and throwing herself at Lucien. But any woman would be mortified at photos flirting with a man who was clearly showing a lack of interest. 
The pair were seen in the back of a rickshaw in London, where Jesy attempted to kiss Lucien on Saturday night but his body language was very distant! Her close friends are saying she is ❝embarrassed❞ by the photographs and insists she's ❝single.❞ Yikes. Leigh and Jesy's fallout was already at rock bottom but how how do you come back from... THIS?

(more pics at the source)


Jrocka said...

Messy Jesy at it again! Where’s the music or promo for the single lol

Remmi said...

She looks like a pig slobbering over a bowl of oats LOL - not surprised she's embarrassed

Toya said...


Jrocka said...

Lol Remmi wtf dude 😂😂😂😂😂