Lady Gaga & Madonna show love to Britney Spears following news of her freedom...

Lady Gaga and Madonna are both showing love to Britney Spears 
following news her conservatorship has been terminated.
I love this photo because it shows Britney free from the shackles. And now that she's free, Madonna is sending congratulations in her recent Instagram Stories, by posting a picture of their much publicised kiss at the 2003 MTV VMAs. The photo is assisted by the caption, ❝Free at Last @britneyspears. Then a few hours later, Lady Gaga tweeted that she could not be more happy for Britney while praising the singer for her strength. Keyword here being strength.❞ The average person would probably not have survived such hell at the hands of their own family. But SHE did with barely any help. That speaks volumes in regards to her amazing strength and resilience.