Mariah Carey drops a new music video for Christmas single, ❝Fall in Love at Christmas.❞

The official music video for Mariah Carey's new holiday jam ❝Fall in Love at Christmas❞ 
featuring vocals from Khalid and Kirk Franklin, has just premiered!
Serving as a nod to 1997's My All❞ and 1999's After Tonight,
the Queen of Christmas gave us a whole bit of everything. 
This means everything from whistle notes, airy melodies and stunning harmonies to the assistance of acoustic guitars, bongos, percussion and many other instruments thrown into the holiday Christmas mix!  It has nostalgic feels without the commercial format of 'All I Want For Christmas.' Still, the song did its job and understood the assignment. The festive number is mostly a whispered song, fusing latin beats with R&B, soul and gospel making for a lusciously romantic yuletide extravaganza! 


nil said...

I love it! but you know i'm a MC fan haahha
But what I really like to see is that it really shows she is having fun!
It just comes off as a good time they had recording the song and filming this!

Jrocka said...

Yassss the Queen of Xmas delivered once again

Scoopz said...

She understood and aced the assignment. Great song 👏

Anonymous said...


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