Megan Thee Stallion reacts to meme of her dancing to Adele’s ❝Water Under Bridge.❞

Megan Thee Stallion is delightfully amused by a meme that's gone 
viral which shows her dancing to Adele’s ❝Water Under the Bridge.❞
Critics: Adele doesn’t make music you can dance to 
Megan Thee Stallion: I beg to differ!

A lot of people have said Adele's music is boring and not the type of music anyone can dance to. However, an edited viral meme of Megan dancing to Adele's ❝Water Under the Bridge❞ is saying something completely different. The crazy thing is, you'd think she was dancing to Beyoncé's ❝Bootylicious❞ but upon discovering she is dancing to Adele and how perfectly in sync her movements are to the music shows that some of Adele's songs actually DO have some spunk!