Independent singer claims Adele’s ❝Hold On❞ rips off her song, ❝Barbara.❞

Adele's Hold On is being accused of plagiarising 
elements from another singer's song. 
An unsigned independent singer named Xiomara recently took to Twitter to share a video comparison between her own song ❝Barbara❞ and Adele's ❝Hold On. Adele's song was released earlier this month, while Xiomara's song was released on July 16th, 2021. 

If there are some slight similarities, it is that both songs already sound like music that was done decades ago. That specific part of the song uses a blues chord progression used many times over in countless other songs. It is never easy as an independent artist especially when they often struggle to push and market their music due to lack of resources and massive hype machine. However, Xiomara's accusations have troll-like tendencies which is why she has not yet pursued legal action against Adele. The timelines simply do not add up.  ❝Barbara❞ was released in July, but ❝Hold On❞ was written much earlier. The 15-time Grammy Award-winning singer completed her album in 2020 and released it for vinyl pressing in May. So there is simply no chance whatsoever at that point that Adele could have been influenced by Xiomara. 
Furious Adele fans are accusing Xiomara of negatively using the singer to promote her own music just so that it could gain some spotlight. Xiomara also accuses Adele of copying a total of seven songs. At the time of reporting, Adele has not publicly responded to the plagiarism allegations made against her.