Summer Walker’s ❝Still Over It❞ is breaking multiple records on Apple Music...

Summer Walker's new album ❝Still Over It❞ broke the record for the biggest 
24-hour debut for an album by a female artist in Apple Music history.
❝Still Over It❞ also earns the biggest debut for an R&B album on the platform, taking just 
24 hours for the project to sour to #1 on the all-genre chart, where it currently sits. 
All 20 tracks from the album are charting between #1-22. Summer Walker is setting a lot of streaming records, which is epic. Many feel she has one of the best R&B albums of the year, but its success could also be down to Summer not having a lot of competition in her window. The real tea is that Summer is selling records with R&B music in 2021. What is going to be the excuse now because from what we're seeing, there's absolutely none!