Watch: Christina Aguilera steered away by publicist after she is asked about Britney...

Christina Aguilera only had four words to say about Britney's newfound freedom during 
her red carpet interviews at the Latin Grammys last night (November 18th). 
When approached about Britney being free from her 13-year conservatorship, Christina's publicist can be heard saying, ❝we are not doing that,❞ prompting Christina to replyBut I'm happy for her, before hastily making her exit. During that moment, all Christina wanted to do was perform and promote her new Spanish-language music. It need be noted that Christina has always openly supported Britney in the past.



Nathaniel said...

She absolutely has not 🤣 She’s been both kinda pleasant and also quite nasty about Britney of course that was in the past but still let’s be honest.

Toya said...

I know looool. She has just blasted Christina on her Instagram Stories for her response or lack thereof.