Beyoncé promotes upcoming ❝Ivy Park x Adidas❞ drop; allegedly shoots a music video...

Beyoncé, decked out in Gucci, is seen promoting the upcoming 
Ivy Park x Adidas❞ collection in photos shared to Instagram.
The collection is due to be released on December 10th. Beyoncé is rumoured to have been in the UK a few days ago where she allegedly shot a video with Jake Nava, who also directed her videos for SpiritSingle Ladies and Black Is King. This news isn't confirmed, but it does coincide with The Guardian's report that she actually attended Adele's ITV special, and it wasn't just a gap stop either by the looks of it. I mean, why travel to London just to attend some TV show? She can deliberately evade a Kardashian-West wedding but show up in London to watch Adele film some performances? Honestly, that chick is more sneaky than the sneakers on her feet.